Monday, December 1, 2008


The holidays are officially upon us! Following a scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner with our dear friends, we spent the weekend spiffing up the house in holiday splendor. I have no idea where to put all my stuff. I had it all figured out two years ago after we remodeled and then I crazily agreed to have it on the Christmas Tour of Homes for our town (what was I thinking?)...but since we moved this year...well, I had to start over. I've got the main floor done. I'm thinking the upstairs won't get much this year. I still have to do the bannisters and such for the staircase, and I'm not sure if I have enough garland so I may have to improvise. Photos to come as soon as I clean up all the remains of boxes and crates where I store all this stuff (where do people put theirs???).

We started a new family tradition this weekend to kick off the holidays - we went for a ride on the Polar Express! It was absolutely wonderful! We drove up on Sunday, checked into a cabin in the mountains that I found that was absolutely delightful and cozy, and then went for our train ride. The boys were bedecked in their jammies and we enjoyed cookies, hot chocolate, and caroling...topped off by a visit from Santa! He gave all the children bells....Alex happily exclaimed, "We ALL got the first gift of Christmas!"

Ryan and Alex get the first gift of Christmas from Santa!

Rich and his little buddy

Waiting to board the train! Our cabin in the woods -is it cute or what? It was very small and rustic...perfect! We played games, had hot chocolate, and the weather was so nice the kids played outside!