Tuesday, November 3, 2009

He Didn't Go

I can't remember the last time Halloween was on a Saturday. Perhaps we were working a refueling outage, didn't have children yet, or the kids were so little it didn't really matter. So this year, with it being on a Saturday, we had that big party, and it was a lot of fun. So much so, I couldn't help but look at pictures and think about it all day the next day. I think the kids all running around having Star Wars battles (those lit light sabers are great for figuring out where your kids are after the sun goes down) and line dancing were my favorite parts. The Midori Sours were pretty good, too, even if we did run out.

Then it hit me. Ryan didn't go trick or treating.

I talked to him about it, gingerly probing to see if he'd merely forgotten, all the while concerned I'd be opening a pandora's box of regret and misery. No such thing occurred. He was fully aware he'd not gone trick or treating, and it didn't seem to matter. "I was just having too much fun, mom." Wow, he was having so much fun at the party, that leaving to go beg for candy didn't even hit his priority list. Or is it simply coincidence with the fact that he is growing up?

Thanksgiving Dinner Preview

Tonight is the monthly meeitng for a women's club I'm a part of, and this year the November meeting theme is a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner. I volunteered to make the cranberries and stuffing. Neither of which come from a can or box, respectively. Soooo I've spent the better part of my day in the kitchen preparing the turkey dressing (which started with the unenviable task of boiling turkey giblets and the neck), and my signature cranberry-pear chutney. I always make the chutney whenever we host Thanksgiving - found the recipe years and years ago and gave it a try, loved it, and made it part of our family's tradition. The stuffing, which has been in my husband's family for a few generations, is another story. I absolutely LOVE it. But I've never made it before! The tradition is that the men of the house (usually my FIL) do the turkey and the stuffing; the women take care of everything else (though my husband rocks at making mashed taters). So today, I'm making it for the very first time. To share with 25 or so other ladies.

I was disappointed with the chutney, I think I overcooked it a bit so the bright ruby red color is not as vivid, but hopefully it still tastes good. The stuffing is ready to be baked, which I will do shortly before I depart for the festivities. Meanwhile, a small turkey is slowly roasting (needed it for making the stuffing!), so that my family will also get a little preview of our dinner in 3-1/2 weeks! Another first for me...like I said, the men of the family normally roast the turkey, so I sure hope this one turns out as good as when my husband does it. Time will tell!

Now I need to clean up the amazing mess I made in the kitchen...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A few more Halloween photos...

You'd think, as a scrapbooker, I'd be Susie-on-the-Spot with the camera. I usually am. But yesterday was a different story. I'm blaming it on the fake eyelashes and nails. I didn't get ANY pictures of Alex in his Halloween costume. Good grief, there goes my MOTY award (Mom Of The Year)...again. But we recovered smartly. This afternoon, that is.

Me: "Alex, go put on your costume."
Alex: "But why?"
Me: "Mommy wants to get some pictures of you. It won't take long."
Alex: "I don't want to right now. I'm playing."
Me: "Alex, go put on your costume."
Alex: "But it itches."
Me: "Alex, go put on your costume."
Alex: "Do I have to?"

Alex finally put it on...and we went outside to take pictures. He seemed to enjoy getting into the part!

A few halloween pictures...

Unfortunately, we didn't get many photos...I was too busy being Wanda the Party Witch and Rich was too busy manning the bar (the midori sours were a HUGE hit...we ran out of Midori! Note to self, buy at least 6 bottles of the 750 mL size next time...)


Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to put on fake eyelashes? Since I'd never done it before, it was quite entertaining, however the glue in my eye wasn't so much fun. It was time to change my contact lenses out anyway.

So I finally got them on, did the makeup and wig, and donned my coveted purple gown and hat. The look was finished with a heaven-knows-how-old rhinestone necklace (I got it from an uncle who inherited a lady friend's estate when I was in high school...so truly I have no idea how old it is...but I wore it to several proms and dances and christmas parties) and rhinestone earrings. Seconds before walking out the door to our town's 35th annual halloween parade, I realized I forgot the nails! I can't forget the nails, they are a key part of the costume! So I madly tried to press on 10 black nails with little skull and rhinestone accents, and away we went!

Once the parade was over, we finished preps for the Halloween bash...a great time was had by all!!!!