Saturday, August 11, 2012

Over two years later...

I didn't realize it's been over two years since I did ANYTHING with this blog. Probably the only one reading it right now is me. Since I posted about strep in February many things have happened in life! I'm two years older, my kids are huge. Ryan is almost as tall as I am and is starting junior high next week. Junior High! I about lost it when I went into the school to register him a few days ago.

At this moment, I have two cut up chickens simmering in a stock pot with a bunch of carrots and onions and spices to make some homemade chicken stock. Need to plan ahead for soup season. So back to this blog. I have some catching up to do. I debated deleting it. Facebook and Pinterest have captured my leisure time attention far more than a blog. That and the fact I preside over a women's club in my town, am a Webelos cub scout leader, the wife of the Cub Master, and yes, I still have a full-time-plus job as a manager. Oh, and the whole sports thing has kicked into overdrive already. I thought I had till high school for that. Not so much.

With facebook, I can post snippets of random thoughts without much time investment. But a friend the other day suggested I start a blog after a post that garnered about a zillion comments. You see, our youngest son was diagnosed last year with ADHD, which we have decided NOT to treat with medication. Instead, we have gone the diet changes route. And what a change that has been for our family!

DHA/Omega 3 organic milk (to the tune of $9/gallon)
No gluten. That means no wheat. Ever.
No food dyes. Try finding snack items without Yellow #5 or Red #40 (the most evil one of all)
No additives/chemicals.
No high fructose corn syrup.
A course of vitamins including flaxseed oil, vitamin b complex, zinc, and some others. The child who couldn't swallow a tiny pill the size of baby aspirin now takes a handful of these things twice a day. Do you know how hard it is to find dye-free tylenol for kids???

100% effective? No. 100% stick-to-itiveness (is that even a word??)? No. But it has made a dramatic change in our little guy's world. Without changing HIM.

So I am at a crossroads. Our lives are getting busier every day. The plant where I and my husband work shuts down in October for a 4-6 week refueling and maintenance outage (translation: we work shifts of six 12-hour days per week). And takeout is not an option for supper due to where we live and the diet restrictions above. So homecooking still has to to happen. Do I keep the blog and shift the focus to life in ADHD? Still deciding....