Sunday, January 18, 2009


WHAT A DAY! My hubby and my big boy saw some sports history today...LIVE! They were at the stadium and watched the Cards take the NFC championship. What a game it was! I found myself screaming at the TV. I never do that. But knowing two of my boys were there was just too much excitement for me.

Last week when it became evident that the championship game was going to be here, Rich decided to get online and see if he could get tickets. You know, the tickets that sold out in 6 minutes. He came walking into the kitchen with this *look* on his face...he got 'em all right. Did I want to know how much? No. No I didn't. But he told me anyway. YIKES! SELL THEM ON EBAY I cried. But after having slept on it, I thought, what the heck. Did I want to go? No. Take Ryan, I said.

I just got a phone call - that I couldn't hear - because of all the noise in the stadium! Ryan was yelling "they won mama! they won mama!" He sounded elated. No pricetag for that, my friends.