Monday, February 9, 2009

Soup Weather

Oh, how I love soup weather. I miss it, since moving to the desert. In Rock Port, though I couldn't count on it by Halloween, I knew it wasn't far off, and I'd be whipping up batches of butternut squash soup, baked potato soup, and my favorite sherried mushroom bisque, among others, to warm the cooler days and bitter cold nights. For 12 years that was my norm.

Now we're back in the desert, where it isn't uncommon to be wearing shorts in January. Just last week, we hit 85 one day. Don't get me wrong; I love it - no more ice storms, no more 20 minutes of bundling up for the 5 minute drive to daycare. But I sometimes miss the coziness.

Except today! It is rainy, wet, dark, and no warmer than 55 degrees! That's cold! Well, relatively speaking, that is (all my Rock Port friends are laughing at me now, I'm sure. When we first moved here, we told Ryan he could drop the "above" after citing the temperature, as it's unlikely he will have to tell temperatures in terms of the relativity to 0 degrees Fahrenheit anymore).

Seriously, though, with the wind actually howling (it blew the cover off the patio furniture and now the cushions are all wet. WAH!!!), rainy cold weather has me aching to make soup. Hubby got called home today to pick up a feverish Alex from school (it was Rich's turn), so I also left early in order that Ryan could still go to Tae Kwon Do. And then, instead of logging in and continuing my work from home...I made soup. Sherried Mushroom Bisque. It's quietly simmering on the stove, foretelling of a quiet, cozy evening. I can't wait till it's ready!!! Come on by and I'll serve you up a cup.