Monday, December 15, 2008

Jedi Training, Part 2

On Saturday we had Alex's birthday party at the park. It was a trite windy and cooler than usual, but a perfect day for Jedi Training! We started the festivities by having each guest don their special Jedi-in-Training apparel (basically capes made out of felt with a hole for their head, tied with rope around their middles).

For the light sabre dexterity training, we cut pool noodles in half and wrapped one end with duct tape, and the kids paired up and used them to toss a balloon back and forth. Then we did some agility rescue drills (i.e., egg and water relay races), followed by a rousing game of balloon tag, which is almost as fun to watch as it is to play.

And cake, of course we had cake - in the shape of R2D2 no less, one of Alex's favorite characters. All in all, a fun day!


Nuclear Mom said...

Awesome party!! (I am keeping this idea in reserve.)

Linda said...

It was big fun! I love doing parties for my boys. One year we did NASCAR and had big fun with our race relays. Another year we had a dinosaur dig and a safari the year before that. It's like planning a wedding...months and months of prep for 2 hours of fun!

Scrapingram said...

My daughter has always been creative and innovative--the stories I can tell--Of course, I am highly biased and a blogger ingenue.