Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Might As Well Face It, I'm Addicted to....

...FACEBOOK. Yes I am. I "discovered" it shortly after Christmas 2008 after reading my dear friend Mare's Christmas letter (and Yes I know that it was already the rage everywhere for quite a long time; all things in due time, I say). She mentioned she and her husband were on Facebook, and for the first time I decided to check it out. I wasn't sure what all the hub-bub was about, but still I created an account. And the seduction began.

As I began navigating through the various features, I thought, "this is kinda neat." And then people started "friending" me and I started friending them. I'd connected with people I haven't seen and/or talked to in two decades or more. I was suddenly having regular conversations with old high school pals that I'd hung out with, went to Mexico with, and otherwise loved to death, but we parted ways after graduation never to hear from or see one another again...till the ubiquitous Facebook! I found myself, when I had little spare time, staying up till midnight so I could look around and see what folks were up to. I found myself checking it every so often to see if there was a new status update. "Oh look! Chris just got a cup of coffee! Good for him! Cute profile picture of Michele's baby! And hey, Jeanene just passed me a drink!" Fun fun fun! For days I was glued to it every free moment I had. And when I discovered I could access it from my cell phone - yeah buddy I was hooked for good. So now I understand why they call it Crackbook. Crackbook is probably one of the reasons I dropped off blog world several times, because it's just so EASY to quickly type up a line or two about what is happening in your life and to see what others are up to. Since that time, I've simmered down some, and the addiction is not so acute. It's more of a chronic need. And it's fun.

I don't really do the games and other applications on there, though on occasion I will type up one of those "25 random questions about you" things or pass a drink to someone. Several of my friends are deeply involved in the facebook mafia wars, farmville, and other games; those just haven't appealed to me. But I do get a kick out of the status updates from those who play.

So yeah, I'm pretty much addicted. But I can quit whenever I want.


Nuclear Mom said...

You and me both!

Dawn said...

Ha ha ha... I am not addicted! At all...oh wait, there goes my phone, I just got a FB beep....oh sorry, someone just commented on a picture...so I was saying, I am not addicted...oops sorry, hold on, another beep on my phone, oh, just someone commenting on a status that I commented on...oh crap, what was I saying??? Oh yah, I am SO not addicted! ;)