Sunday, November 1, 2009


Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to put on fake eyelashes? Since I'd never done it before, it was quite entertaining, however the glue in my eye wasn't so much fun. It was time to change my contact lenses out anyway.

So I finally got them on, did the makeup and wig, and donned my coveted purple gown and hat. The look was finished with a heaven-knows-how-old rhinestone necklace (I got it from an uncle who inherited a lady friend's estate when I was in high truly I have no idea how old it is...but I wore it to several proms and dances and christmas parties) and rhinestone earrings. Seconds before walking out the door to our town's 35th annual halloween parade, I realized I forgot the nails! I can't forget the nails, they are a key part of the costume! So I madly tried to press on 10 black nails with little skull and rhinestone accents, and away we went!

Once the parade was over, we finished preps for the Halloween bash...a great time was had by all!!!!

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