Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Mom's Best Friend...

I've come to realize that a mom's best friends are a washer and dryer. One becomes acutely aware of this when their trusty sidekicks exit stage left, as mine did early in December. Good news was, I'd done the majority of the laundry. Normally fate doesn't work that way for me. So all I had were some half-washed bathrugs that I just decided to put in the dryer, which was itself on its last leg.

You can never be too prepared. My set was aging...and we had serviced both units so many times that we probably could have replaced them already. More than once. So this time, knowing that this day would be coming, I had my new set picked out. After much research and waffling, I landed on the Electrolux IQ Touch model. Massive. Energy Efficient. Massive. Has a Steam Setting. Massive. Has both quick wash and handwash cycles. Massive.

When that fateful day came, I was ready. I called my favorite store and asked if they had them in stock. Huzzah, they did! "I'll take them, please." Gave my credit card information over the phone and the next evening hubby drove the 1-1/2 hours with the trailer to pick them up. Funny thing was, even though I'd called the store directly, for some reason they listed pickup at their OTHER location, about 3 hours away. Unhappy hubby. Laundry beginning to pile up (it doesn't take long). Smart hubby, though. He went in to talk to customer service. I get the call, "Do you care what color they are?" "well, not really, but..." "Ok I think we have this figured out then." Hmmmm, what color was he going to come home with?

Well fortunately it worked out just fine, and now I have the behemoth washer and dryer set to end all washer and dryer sets....Heaven....

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