Sunday, January 4, 2009

Visit to Utah

Well, it took the better part of all weekend but all the Christmas is down, the china cabinet CLEANED, old toys purged (kids don't know this yet; I figured if they didn't notice it was the right call...heaven help me if I was wrong about something...), and 3 weeks worth of laundry done (well that's what it felt like, anyway. The toy purging was much more than I had originally planned, I ended up cleaning out 3 closets, the entire toy storage unit (a pottery barn modular thing we just love), and anything else where a toy might live. This then turned into several kitchen cupboards and what not. I never went through that "nesting" thing where you have this urge to clean everything when you're pregnant (though I did alphabetize my spice racks and CD collections, by genre of course), so maybe it's catching up with me.

My four days off were less than relaxing, I worked most of the time! But I feel good because I got a lot done and started the year off right. Oh, and as promised, here are some shots from our Christmas in Utah! I picked out just a few - the ones that caught my eye in 3 minutes or less. More to come, I think I will smilebox them. So these will have to do for now.

My niece Amanda and me

My brother Mike and Ryan

Ryan, my sister Christy (isn't she GORGEOUS?!!), and my niece Emily

Ryan & Emily having some fun in the snow--we got quite the blizzard while we were there. It was wonderful!!!

Amanda and Alex

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