Monday, June 8, 2009

Camping & Geocaching

Ah, the fresh mountain air. There is nothing like it. I love being in the mountains, surrounded by firs and pines and deciduous statues and the crispness as evening light fades to dark and the stars take over the watch of the earth. Growing up near the mountains instills a yearning that is not lost nor forgotten, even when one is miles away from the rocky peaks as I was for over a decade.

So the mountains called, and we answered! It was time to get out of the heat (though so far this summer has been quite mild), exercise the ATVs, and scare up some s'mores. That and we got a new tent...what better reasons to go?

Our friends introduced us to a worldwide treasure hunt called geocaching. In its simplest terms, players hide things and find things, using a handy-dandy GPS (global positioning system, for you non-techies). Once you approximate the location, you hunt for the cache and the treasures within. You can take a trinket as long as you leave one. Alex was very proud to find his first geocache this trip (with much help from Adri!).

Look at Laura and Reggie!

And no camping trip is complete without some touch football!

Alex kicking back on a hammock, with his spy gear.