Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yes, you read it right. Pertoguhfer. That is what Alex wants to be when he grows up, if not a policeman or artist. I will have to find some of his "work" and post it. I love the way he pronounces's been like this since he was a baby. Many of these are no longer said this way....but man was it cute when they were:

bercept = except (he still says bercept)

rayroh-roh-roh crocking = railroad crossing (at about 18 months. NO idea why or how it came out that way but there you go)

trigamo = triangle (my favorite. I was so bummed when he pronounced it correctly...)

Ry-bee = when Alex was about 12 mos., this is what he called Ryan. It went something like this:

wubie = movie as in "i wanna watch a wubie" (emphasis on WUUU)

pertoguhfer = photographer (the latest installment of Alexisms).

I remember when the kids saw Finding Nemo.

Alex: Mommy, can we watch the wubie, Fining Momo?

Ryan: It's Nemo.

Alex: dat's what I said. Momo

Ryan: No Alex, NE-mo. Say it with me: NE

Alex: NE

Ryan: MO

Alex: MO

Ryan: NEMO

Alex: MO-MO! (triumphantly. Ryan slaps his own forehead with palm of his hand. Mom tries to hide laughter).


Dawn said...

Cute!! Gotta love those! Mitchie calls Nemo and Elmo both Mo Mo ;-)

Jojo said...

Looks like a grand time - be sure and tell the Pertoguhfer to bring his camera with him on our upcoming trip.

Christiane said...

He is just the cutest