Monday, February 23, 2009

Sugar River

I just figured out how to make a river for my son's diorama (it's a dinosaur scene). I liquefied sugar, adding some powdered food coloring (blue of course) before the sugar started to melt. If you're wondering how to liquefy sugar, just put on the stove and heat - start stirring when it starts to melt and just keep stirring as it liquefies. It makes a fantastic glue for gingerbread houses. Once liquified I poured it into a glass measuring cup so I could gently place it in the riverbead (made from the salt dough he and I made last week). I noticed it bubbled quite a bit, wasn't sure what to do about that. So I didn't do anything. Before it completely cooled and solidified, though, I took a toothpick and kind of drug it along the bubbles to pop them. It turned out okay, maybe less food coloring next time but it has a nice dark greenish-blue color to it so I think it will work!

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