Sunday, May 24, 2009


Ok, Ok, yes I have succumbed. I failed to blog. One day. Then another. Next thing I knew it was weeks...which, as you find out when you hit 40, rather rapidly (if not exponentially) changes into months...that and one forgets their password...I have a lot of excuses, you know. I was out of town more than I was home, so when I got home I just didn't feel right sitting at my computer blogging or facebooking when I hadn't seen my family for a week. And then I had to turn around and leave town again, for several weeks it seemed. It's just one of those times at work for me, being an accreditation year. I first went to Atlanta for about 4 days, and then the following week was gone for 6 days for an accreditation visit at a differnt nuke (I call it my recon mission, in preparation for our visit in September), home for a week and then gone again for several days for a workshop in Atlanta. And then our director decided to send me off to DC for a few days for a conference. So I was wiped out - especially since hubby has been working six-12's for the Unit 3 outage. I could barely breathe when it was time to pack for our vacation - you know you're stressed when you'd rather stay home than go away! But I'm so glad we went!!!

So after much scolding from many of my friends, I am making it right again....I'm back to my blog, new password and all, and in a few short moments will post a picture album from Disney World (we just got back last night!).

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